This will be my second attempt at having a blog. I previously had a blog under the domain which initially started out as my lab back when I worked with Enterprise Mobility and security. Since then I’ve switched my career focus to be all about cloud and security, while a slight passion for securing operating systems still remains and might be a topic I cover.

The previous blog was hosted using Wordpress on Azure App Service which was very convenient but not perfect.

With this blog I’ve jumped on the static content hosting wagon, it’s hosted on Github pages using Jekyll themes. It’s a seamless solution that has no maintenance associated with it, allowing me to spend even more time on learning new things and sharing my experiences. Setting it up for someone with little prior experience with Ruby was also a learningful experience. If your looking to do the same you should have a look here: GitHub

The goal of having a blog is to share my experiences and interact with peers. Ideal outcome of every post I write is that I learn something new from someone who reads it.

My first picture taken after arriving NYC